Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Kimura Jacket at the Mid Atlantic Quilt Show 2017 Winner of Judges Choice Ribbon

My other entry in the "Full Ensemble" division won Best Use of Embellishment
 This is my wearable art entry in the Jacket division at the
Mancuso Mid Atlantic Quilt Show which opens 2/23/17.

I wish I could be there. Remember when they did this show in Williamsburg? They used different hotels for each venue:
Quilts, Wearable Art, Fiber, Antiques and more. They had heated buses that delivered attendees to each site. There must have been over ten thousand happy people even when there was snow. I digress.

So I entered this new version of the jacket. I designed this pattern a long time ago. So, back in the day, we promoted bias tape makers, tube turners, and more. This jacket was embellished with meandering bias strips anchored with tube ribbons tied and tucked under the bias strips.

So this NEW version uses raw edged bias and tubes. Should be easier and edgier...right?

 The center back has a strip pieced panel with fan shaped appliques. The edges of the fans are finished with narrow raw edge bias strips.

The cuffs are made with the same strip pieced fabrics as above. A little free motion stitching enhances the cuffs. BTW, this time I quilted the whole jacket before adding all the treatments. The front is made up of my favorite batik. I added Sashiko Design stitching down the front (done on the sewing machine).

Then I made  faux Chinese knotted buttons using rolled up tubes. I used faux Chinese coins with the hole in the center for the "button" part.

I sell the pattern HERE on my website: 
I include the 3 coins to make the buttons.

Let me explain that the pattern gives all the instructions to make the jacket using the methods of bias tape makers an tube turners. There are no raw edges and every edge is finished. If you went to the show and saw this sample you will need new instructions. I am working on them so if you purchase the pattern and want to use the raw have to let me know when you purchase the pattern.

It was easier to make half inch raw edge bias strips to curve and meander over the jacket and finish the edges of the fans on the back. I finished all the edges of the jacket:  neckline, center front, bottom hem and back "V" hem with raw edge bias and I decided I prefer that to the pattern. In the pattern instructions, I say to make the entire outside of the jacket and the entire lining of the jacket and place them right sides together, sew the entire perimeter and turn right side out. But, you can decide to use any technique you prefer.
Good Luck and Happy Sewing!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Indigo Shibori

Indigo dyed canvas wrapped on a PVC pole. It wasn't too bad and took less than a half hour. Then left it wrapped in plastic over night. It was great to unwrap it this morning.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Ice Dye Day

I've waited a long time for a decent cool day to Ice Dye some fabric. Previously, when I attempted to do this the ice was melting before I got the dye on it. Today it is a marvelous 64 degrees.

I'll keep adding the progress...

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Monday, December 5, 2016

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Sunday, July 10, 2016

See AMERICA...eyeglass case

This is another version of the Sweeheart Eyeglass Case made with upcycled denim jeans, plaid shorts, remnant leather and of course the metal frame with the kiss snap closure. The case was attached to the metal frame with the use of Beacon's Quick Grip glue and then sewn in with clear thread.
The back, like the front was created with denim pieced from different places of the jeans. A heart was cut from remnant leather and glued on to the pocket.
A thin bead of this glue placed in the metal frame channel allows you to hold the fabric till you sew the case into the frame. Don't want to sew? Use more glue.
I got the embroidered "AMERICA" from inside the waistband of a pair of jeans "American Eagle". I cut it out and pieced it with denim.
I cut two stars from a pair of plaid shorts. I placed them one on top of the other and stitched close to the edge and frayed the edges.
The small pocket was taken from the inside of one of the front pockets.
This is how the case looks before it is placed into the frame.

 The lining was layered with batting and a message was quilted into the lining.
Hand cut leather strips were wire wrapped to create a fringe tassel.
This is the 10 inch metal frame with kiss closure.

Make it now!
Coming Soon....kits!