Saturday, May 29, 2010

Winning Booth! Michael Miller Fabrics

These photos show each entrance to the Michael Miller Fabrics booth at Spring Market. I saw they had the "blue ribbons" for the best booth design. The photo at the left had to be edited so you could see the details. Click on the photo so you can see a larger version. There is a ruffled pillow at the bottom left. It is made of yards and yards of a ruffle that they offer with the matching fabric. In fact, I saw that there is even linen in their lineup of fabrics. They always offer something no one else has. This time, there is a line named "Antiquity" and I was truly amazed. As soon as I find out what stores offer the entire line (or close) I will list them here.

Patty Young for Michael Miller Fabrics

Patty Young had several collections for Spring Market. One is called Modkids and the other is a line of 100% cotton knits. FINALLY! Knits have finally come to the market. Now, even quilt shops can order knits on a regular basis. Now don't freak out! It's just as easy to sew...but you need to use a (sewing machine needle) for knits. They even had pieced quilts made out of the knits. They were so soft and, why didn't we think of this sooner? I am creating a line of patterns suitable for knit keep in touch.

Michael Miller Fabrics ~ Pretty Bird Collection

This is the "Pretty Bird" collection. The colors and images are just awesome. This photo just doesn't do it justice. At the show the lighting was just perfect to show off the clear and colorful hues. I have a close up photo of the well done.

Stephanie Kimura attends Spring Market 2010 in Minneapolis

It was an adventure getting to the Spring Market (wholesale tradeshow for the quilting and sewing industry). I drove up from Florida and between Chattanooga and Nashville there was a 25 foot sinkhole. Luckily, it was in the southbound traffic and I was heading north. Whew! Have to remember to find another way home.
I had a minimalist booth since I had to fit everything in a Corolla. Took my trunk show and went with a "pink" color scheme. Good thing because my neighbors were in the same mood. The photo on the left shows my samples of my pattern (Bamboo Goddess Hip Bag), the Orihon, and behind it all is my Flash Vest. I displayed my Corset that was featured in Belle Armoire (photo on right).

I saw a lot of old friends from the Biz and the usual attendees. Kaye Wood was her usual jovial self and her office manager, Kathleen, was there. I forgot to ask her about baby pictures!
June Colburn was there with all her finery. After the show she was heading for Asheville, NC. She was invited to a wedding at the Biltmore and was looking forward to that.
It was great to see Jeanine Twigg and her awesome booth. Why don't I have a photo of that?!? She looked great and ready to roll with all her products.
Expo International always has great stuff and I placed my order.
Cleo's Designs was across from me at the show. Not only are her patterns great but Cleo and Don are so much fun. Not only will you want her patterns but you'll want them over for dinner......
"Possibilities" aka Great American Quilt Factory was the booth next to me. What great original quilts! Ashley manned the booth and is really a lot of fun. Mark Lipinski (who has his own Quilting magazine) came by and taped an interview with the owners. He's CRAZY!
If you ever have to go to that area near the Mall of America...stay at the Comfort Suites. The Outback Steakhouse was connected to the lobby which makes it convenient for Happy Hour and dinner. The price was a fraction of the Courtyard Marriott next door and the rooms were comparable...nice. BTW, for breakfast they offer Belgian can always win me over with those.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Daphne Drape Top pattern ~ Sew News ~ June/July

This is the first of my new group of patterns. Some are for knits only and some can be used with knits and woven fabrics. My article on page 50 of Sew News and is about working with Slinky. I'm a little behind on the completion of the pattern and driving off to Minneapolis for Spring Market. If you're going to be there...stop by to see me at Booth # 1113. I looked at the list of vendors and it appears EVERYONE will be there. CLICK HERE for more info about the pattern....

When I get back I will list the knit and woven fabrics.