Thursday, May 1, 2014

Eyeglass case made with metal purse frames

Well, this is one of the projects you can work on this weekend at "Florida Sews Together" in Cocoa Beach. This is a skinny eyeglass case (have to have something skinny) made of silk and batik and embellished with a faux Asian Jade donut.

We arrive Friday afternoon, meet & greet, and of course go to eat at Viera. Then Saturday morning we'll work on possibly this project or a project of your choice. We'll have had an enormous breakfast (maybe even some gravy...don't tell my Cardiologist) and then we have to break for a scrumptious lunch. Sew a little more...then snacks and beverages. Later in the day it will be 5 o'clock SOMEWHERE! A trunk show later in the evening after Din-din and it's still 5 o'clock elsewhere. Sunday morning breakfast with those waffles and then some Free Motion classes....urp. We'll pack up and sit some more to catch up on our lives and then bid adieu! See ya next year! Make your reservation now because it will probably be filled before we leave.

BTW, this is a sunglass case. This one is made of batiks, quilted, and embellished with a faux Asian coin dangling from a frame of fabric strips. A quickie and fun project.