Wednesday, July 29, 2009 in Orlando!

Hey! I'm leaving for something better than Disney in Orlando. The incredible CHA tradeshow and (new) consumer show. This is their first year in Orlando...the venue changed from Chicago. I'll let you know all about it! This is where the craft store buyers (including Michael's and Joann's) go to buy for their stores. I heard that Expo International has my jacket hanging in their booth. Hooray.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Update on Papaya crop

Well, this is an update on the status of my papaya tree and the first crop. This is the first one to successfully stay on the tree till ripe. Oops, I guess I left it on too long. Over ripe. At least I know it's a "girl" tree. There are two more trees growing along side this one. If anyone knows whether I should let them grow or eliminate them...please tell me. Now I am getting ready to plant a Guava tree. I'll turn this little corner lot into a bit of Hawaii yet! Since most of the posts are about sewing I thought I should sew an apron or something. Maybe a hat...temp feels over a hundred (sweat, sweat).

Keeping Busy With Crafting

I was commissioned by Velcro USA to create a collection of "crafted" projects using their new line of products. It was great working with them because they knew just what they wanted. The new products are useful, elegant, and packaged with style. That's saying a lot for a product that we sometimes take for granted. This new line will be sold in the crafting arena as well as the office supply stores. I'll write more and add a link if I ever see it online. PS. I don't want to actuallly describe the product until I see it unveiled and for sale.

Friday, July 3, 2009

SC Gov. visits Martin County, FL

Gov. Sandford is in Hobe Sound visiting relatives. Hope he goes to the BBQ restaurant or the Catfish hangout while he's here. Hobe Sound is known for their cute boutiques filled with gifts made of the traditional "pink and green" of Palm Beach.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

A new twist on a Sundress!

Whew! It's hot out there...hope you're not out there hiking...the Appalachian Trail. Hope you're sitting in a screened lanai sipping on a Mango Mohito wearing your latest creation.

Create a corset or sundress top in bright colors and comfortable cotton. Use as many fabrics as you like...they'll match all your skirts and capris.

Make accessories with the leftover fabric...a ribbon to wear around the neck...a Kelly's Kiss handbag? C'mon, summer is the time to wear whatever you like.