Saturday, November 19, 2011

Lou Cashon, Quilt Artist shows at the World Quilt - FL Show in West Palm Beach Florida

Lou Cashon, Juno Beach. Title:  "Tie That Tiger". The Tiger piece in the center came from a Kimono worn by a Japanese man about 50 years ago. The vintage fabric is a blend of silk and wool...all the more apropo to add his signature silk ties. His entry was in the "One Thousand Cranes" exhibit at the World Quilt - Florida International Show.
Mr. Cashon embraced sewing a few months ago while starting his first project of ties sewn together to create a pillow. A dear friend asked him to make a "memory pillow" from ties of her late husband. Since then he has created more pillows, a gored skirt for his wife Joan who is a professional ballroom dancer, and novelty gift items. He also paints and creates floral arrangements. So prolific with the arts....his past career was in education. His studio is in Tequesta, FL where his items are for sale. I will add the contact information soon.

Thursday, November 10, 2011