Sunday, September 22, 2013

Blending Textiles with Different Textures

I love using textiles with different textures together. It adds dimension and tactile interest to your project. First of all, I love using Batiks with everything. Some colors can over power the rest of the fabrics so use it in small quantities. This orange batik is wonderful because of its many shades that blend with the many shades of color of the Koi fish. That's just how nature works.
Here are some auditions of orange batik with my favorite Koi fabrics.

It showed up differently in this photo but in actuality the orange matches the lighter orange Koi.
It is the same in this case, the photo doesn't show that the orange batik enhances the scales of the Koi.
Anyway, it seems when the fabrics are sewn together they take on a transformation of beauty.
In the photo below I've added another textile to the mix. It's a brocade with a darker, deeper orange and gold threads running through it. The gold threads enhance the gold in the Koi fabric at the top.
This combination would be great for any Mixed Media projects.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Stephanie Kimura's KIMONO VEST using Michael Miller Fabric...Koi and Lotus....Brite

This is a great, easy-to-make vest. Three pattern pieces:  front, back, and band collar. Can be made reversible just by using another great fabric as the lining. In fact, the two vests above are one reversible vest. The red/orange print is long gone but the Koi in turquoise (colorway: Brite) is still available here. Make this vest as long or short as you like....just adjust the amount of fabric that you buy. Consider using a luscious silk print....the Holidays they-are-a-coming! Make it now.nnn

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

JET: Michael Miller Fabric......Blackest Black all cotton

Have you ever needed a really good black fabric for your quilting or any kind of sewing? You should try Michael Miller's blackest black named JET. They over dye the cotton fabric many times and yet it has a nice soft hand. Easy to turn for hand quilting too. There is no shine. It reminds me of black velvet. Use it for your Halloween quilts and wall hangings. Great for binding quilts too.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Kimono Pillow....inspired by the Kimono garment of Japan

This is one of a series of beautiful pillows inspired by Asian garments. 18" square pillow. Consider using wonderful rayon or silk brocades. The pattern is available here.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Cheongsam Pillow...inspired by a traditional Chinese Dress

This is one of a series of beautiful pillows inspired by Asian garments. 18" square pillow. Consider using wonderful rayon or silk brocades. The pattern is available here.

Shell We Dance? Turtle Quilt . applique and paper piecing

Create this wonderful paper pieced and applique'd lap quilt or create a larger quilt of your own design. A quilt with Turtles would be loved by anyone. Make it for a Christmas gift....start NOW.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Koiful Consideration pattern for a quilted applique table runner or table topper

More Koi fish projects! I've loved this pattern ever since I saw it. The Koi images are quick and easy to applique no matter what technique you prefer. Consider traditional hand applique, machine applique or use the raw edge method with fusible web. Follow the complete instructions or create your own project using the fish and piecing technique for the border. The table runner is 38" x 22" and the table topper is a 20" round. When you can't find Koi fabric you have to put the fish on any fabric you like. Make it now. Get the pattern here.

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