Sunday, September 22, 2013

Blending Textiles with Different Textures

I love using textiles with different textures together. It adds dimension and tactile interest to your project. First of all, I love using Batiks with everything. Some colors can over power the rest of the fabrics so use it in small quantities. This orange batik is wonderful because of its many shades that blend with the many shades of color of the Koi fish. That's just how nature works.
Here are some auditions of orange batik with my favorite Koi fabrics.

It showed up differently in this photo but in actuality the orange matches the lighter orange Koi.
It is the same in this case, the photo doesn't show that the orange batik enhances the scales of the Koi.
Anyway, it seems when the fabrics are sewn together they take on a transformation of beauty.
In the photo below I've added another textile to the mix. It's a brocade with a darker, deeper orange and gold threads running through it. The gold threads enhance the gold in the Koi fabric at the top.
This combination would be great for any Mixed Media projects.

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