Friday, June 26, 2009

Use free motion sewing to add fun designs quickly!

Now that it's summer...and it's hot as blazes's time to sit under a cool fan and work on some sewing techniques. You have that stack of quilt tops and gorgeous fabrics that you've been meaning to "quilt". Set aside some quiet time. Gather up your free motion foot, drop the feed dogs on the sewing machine, sandwich some fabric with batting in between and GO! Look in magazines and online for motifs that interest you. Create a line drawing. Use your pencil to trace the outlines a few times. It will help you get accustomed to the curves in the lines. If you like...trace the design on to your fabric using the Dritz Marking Pens with water soluble ink. Sew over the lines. Use a moist Q-Tip to remove the lines before you press. Hmmm...looks pretty good. Now for the stack of quilts...

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