Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Creative Sewing Machine Center - Bamboo Goddess Hip Bag Classs Attendees

Aren't these bags great?! They all made the same bag...from three kit selections. They went all out on the embellishment and each bag reflected their personality...especially "Hot Dot". Some of those bags are so awesome that they could use matching hats. They embellished with organza roses, threads, buttons, feathers....and Karen went home and raided a sweater and CAT (it was so funny...but, you had to be there) for embellishment. Hey, where is Karens photo? We'll have to get one from her. Where is Maggie?! She provided a lot of laughs.
We had a great big classroom and 14 Babylock Ellisimos. Nothin' but the best for Peg's customers.
I wanted to buy peaches while I was in South Carolina but Peg said they wouldn't be ready till July I settled for boiled peanuts and ribs with a mustard barbeque sauce.
Another reason to visit Peg....gas was $2.37 a gallon there in West Columbia, SC.
I don't know what is happening but blogspot won't let me upload the rest of the photos...have to work on that.

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