Saturday, November 27, 2010

"Haute Handbags" by Stampington

Haute Handbags is my favorite magazine and it's like Christmas twice a year when they're published. Well...better twice a year than just once a year. What's even more fun? Submitting a project! I've submitted something for the next issue and I have my fingers crossed. This is the submission page for all their magazines.

When you submit proposals for their magazines, be sure to take photos:  1) of the complete project without a distracting background   2) of close ups to show the texture   3) with good lighting to get the true colors   3) and offer some information about your project (especially the inspiration). You never know if you'll be selected.

The photo to the right is a close up slice of my project. I just love the color, the jacquard weave in the silk, and the fact that this fabric is from a vintage Kimono that is over 50 years old. When I design with old Kimono...I always wonder what stories they could tell...

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