Thursday, November 11, 2010

MC Quilters Log Cabin Challenge

   The Martin County Quilters 2010 Challenge required the log cabin technique. We had free rein as long as there was a log cabin. Of BEST (ha, ha) ideas are spurred on by stress and a deadline. This comes from years of working in the design industry. This is my (singular) log cabin quilt. I figured if I made the strips big enough I could come close to the second requirement (not bigger than 36" x 36"). 
   My inspiration was the Koi fabric that has lived in my stash for many, many years. I love the green and blue combination and the Koi supplied the "warm" colors. The log cabin is in the middle and I have a lonely yellow fish in the center. I have a wonky strip pieced border along the top and I used "whole cloth" to include a group of fish at the bottom.
   I really enjoyed making this quilt and made a nick into my stash. There were 45 entries and we won't know the winners (I am in the non judged group) until after the World Quilt Show this weekend in West Palm Beach. All 45 are hanging! More photos....coming soon!

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