Thursday, December 9, 2010

Spinach and Gruyere Soup from Pioneer Woman

OMG! Two of my most favorite food...spinach and Gruyere has a little garlic too...but that goes without saying...I'm just sayin'. We had two days of cold weather in the 50's. Palm trees don't like it any colder than that. But anyway...I's soup weather here. I want to makes sure that you know I got this from my favorite blogger "The Pioneer Woman". When I first looked at her blog...I thought, "What could we have in common?" She lives near Tulsa, has wild 'stangs, cooks up a storm on the Today Show and The View, she doesn't sew, I don't cook...well, the answer is:  her great sense of humor!

As I was writing this post (and watching the Today Show) Ree (aka The Pioneer Woman) and Al made cinnamon rolls. No garlic...forget it!

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