Tuesday, February 8, 2011

If you live in Florida....

and you have any issues with insurance of any kind....go to the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation:  http://www.floir.com/ContactUs.aspx .
File a consumer complaint. Have all the names of the companies ready. If you are filing a health insurance complaint, there will be many providers involved. Once it is in their hands...they will send an email to all the entities and all providers will have 24 hours to comply or explain what is happening. You can also give the name of your insurance compay and find out how many billions of dollars they have in Florida and how many complaints have been filed within 365 days.

If you want to give your insurance company a "heads up"....just ask for a senior supervisor because you're ready to file a complaint....and VOILA....suddenly you'll be in a three-way call and everyone is your BFF.

BTW, I asked my insurance company why Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Florida is offering a colonoscopy (even though I really don't want one and they can run as high as $3,000) as part of their Wellness Program. She said it is required by law now. I asked if it was now part of my policy and she said no....because I am grandfathered in and they are only included in all of their NEW policies. I asked if I would have to cancel and then apply to get a new policy and she said no. They are no longer writing new policies for anyone in Florida. It's getting grim.

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