Thursday, January 6, 2011

Koi Luck Club quilt

I stopped in at Molly's House where Michele and Judy were busily hanging the "I Candy" quilts. The last time I saw the quilts, they were hanging at the World Quilt Show-FL in West Palm Beach.

The Martin County Quilt Guild is exhibiting their Challenge Quilts recognizable by the challenge of including the "log cabin" piecing technique. Some of the quilts are for sale.

There was extra space available (small spaces) so I created another quilt to sell with all of the proceeds to go to Molly's House. I forgot how much fun it is to create these small pieces. It fills me with immediate gratification...which makes me happy. So, this latest piece is called the "Koi Luck Club - 101". I plan (but don't hold your breath...and you won't if you know me) to continue making these and numbering them. (Next one is 102... seemed like a good idea to start with three digits. I think if I started with "1", by the time I got to "3" I might give up.) Ha, ha.

I know this will be a very good New Year...which inspired this quilt. The images on this quilt are auspicious and remind me of the colorful money envelopes for the Chinese New Year....another reason to celebrate, EAT, and receive those envelopes. BTW, 2011 is the Year of the Rabbit. Maybe I should have made quilts with, it's about FABRIC!

I don't usually work with a palette of warm colors like these. The fabrics on the top half and the Kanji vignette at the bottom left came from Lonni Rossi's Collection for Andover Fabrics. All the different fabrics were in a one yard length (kinda like "cheater cloth" for quilting...I hate using that phrase...implying that we're doing something wrong...but, it puts a visual in your head and you know what I mean). Since all the colors match perfectly, I wanted to keep them all together. See, I would have never picked those fabrics to go together...but I love them. And, OF COURSE, they're no longer available...unless they're on a shelf in some little ol' quilt shop somewhere.

The fabric used for the bottom half of the quilt is named "Koi with Lotus and Waves" from Michael Miller Fabrics. This is my all time favorite fabric and there is another turquoise colorway. This was designed by my really, really favorite Designer, Mark Hordyszynski. It was out of print and Kathy & MMF decided to reprint. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

So, you'll be seeing more quilts with Koi...unless I run out of fabric...yeah, like that's gonna happen!

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