Thursday, January 13, 2011

Vitriol & Rhetoric



noun, verb, -oled, -ol·ing or ( especially British ) -olled, -ol·ling.


1. Chemistry . any of certain metallic sulfates of glassy appearance, as copper sulfate or blue vitriol, iron sulfate or green vitriol, zinc sulfate or white vitriol, etc.

2. oil of vitriol; sulfuric acid.

3. something highly caustic or severe in effect, as criticism.

–verb (used with object)

4. to treat with or as with vitriol, esp. sulfuric acid.



1. (in writing or speech) the undue use of exaggeration or display; bombast.

2. the art or science of all specialized literary uses of language in prose or verse, including the figures of speech.

3. the study of the effective use of language.

4. the ability to use language effectively.

5. the art of prose in general as opposed to verse.

6. the art of making persuasive speeches; oratory.

7. (in classical oratory) the art of influencing the thought and conduct of an audience.

8. (in older use) a work on rhetoric.


not a real word


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