Saturday, January 15, 2011

Vintage Kimono Clutch...Kinou no Yume..Dreams of Yesterday

This clutch was made with fabric taken from a vintage Kimono. This fabric is over 70 years old and the colors are as vibrant as ever. In keeping with the very traditional floral images, I've embellished the fabric with hand sewn stitches using silken rayon thread while quilting through the layers of batting and underfabric. I lined it with yellow silk dupioni and machine quilted with two colors of rayon thread. Between the outside layer and the lining, I've included a strip of very stiff stabilizer and insulated it with more batting. This way the clutch can "sit up" on it's bottom surface. I just love this fabric and clutch.

Fellow Kimonophile, Cheryl Imperatore, is editing her book and getting ready for reprint "Kimono...Vanishing Tradition...Japanese Textiles of the 20th Century". I'll keep you posted about the book.

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